HALI In-Depth: September 2014

  1. Beshir Prayer Rugs, supplement to HALI 181

    In the light of the Marketplace report in HALI 181 (Autumn 2014), which is devoted to Middle Amu Darya region prayer rugs, we republish here Ralph Kaffel’s 2007 article ‘Beshir Prayer Rugs’ (HALI 151, pp.74-83) as well as the online supplement ‘Classification by Design’, first published to accompany that article. Please click the images below to… Read more »

  2. A Sardinian funeral rug at Sartirana 2014

    From HALI 180 On first glance this colourful flatweave looks like a Persian kilim. But, as Alberto Boralevi reveals, it is in fact a rare Italian peasant rug, with a purpose that makes it central to important local rites For its 10th anniversary, the 2014 Sartirana Textile Show (10–14 September) will feature a special loan… Read more »

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