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Zakatala rug, Caucasus, mid 19th century, 7ft. 7in. x 4ft. 6in. Lot 168, Austrian Auction Company, 19th November, estimate: € 20.000 – 30.000 This group of rugs was first identified in a 1994 article in HALI 78 by Tony Hazeldine, who classified a group of hitherto unknown rugs in the mosque of the eponymous capital of the region. They are typically associated with rugs with long fleecy pile but minimal designs and with limited palettes. This rug must be best of type from this little known weaving region, and combines elements associated with design such as Pinwheel designs and the ram’s horns seen on Perpedils. The slight corrosion of the brown ground gives the sharp outlines of the hooks a dynamic quality and allows the colours to stand out in away that is not seen in other rugs.

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