Elegant Structure: The Pattern of a Collection

In a lifetime of collecting, Lloyd Cotsen refined his own interests while expanding opportunities for artists and scholars. Throughout, he maintained a fascination for the way objects are constructed—and understood how a mere fragment can reveal the secrets of a complete textile. Lyssa C. Stapleton, curator of the Cotsen Collection, gives an overview of the man and his collections.

Ming Chinese Carpets of the Forbidden City

Michael Franses tells the remarkable story of his 34-year quest to find the missing 16th-century classical Chinese carpets of the Chinese Imperial household.

Chinese Carpets in the Victoria and Albert Museum

As part of the continuing series of In-Depth archive articles from early issues of HALI magazine, here the King, Pinner & Franses team focus on the Chinese carpet collection in London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. First published in HALI 5/2, 1982. To read the article please click here.

Lyon, Splendours in the City of Silk. 4: The remaining Classical Carpets, by Ian Bennett

The third of Ian Bennett’s in-depth articles on the  Oriental carpet collection at the Musée Historique des Tissus in Lyon, France was published in HALI 35 (1987). The article features the non-Persian holdings of 16th and 17th century classical carpets – from Spain, Egypt, Turkey, India, East Turkestan and China. To read ‘The Remaining Classical… Read more »

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