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  1. Winter 2023
    Issue 218

    ‘CulturalxCollabs. Weaving The Future’ sees antique and contemporary rug making unite. • A Kashmir shawl that once belonged to Queen Victoria perfectly unites the Victorian love of pattern and colour with the Kashmir master weavers’ eye for detail • A selection of books containing, or concerning, textiles, their use, circulation and creation • Cloth used in the bindings of Armenian and Ethiopian manuscripts from the 14th–20th centuries • Eight specialists discuss a ‘book’ that they consider to be exceptional • A sample book from 1787 contains precious barkcloth variations recording vanished cultures • On the fascinating, frustrating and fabulous 1905 book, T. H. Hendley’s Asian Carpets • An 18th-century volume of cloth samples tells of rivalry, espionage and fierce ambition • A foretaste of an important new exhibition opening at the University of Alberta

  2. SUMMER 2023
    Issue 216

    Indian textiles from the Parpia Collection • Two newly discovered Mamluk carpets in Italy • An in-depth look at the textile masterpieces that are Navajo first-phase chief’s blankets • Textile art from the Canadian Prairies • The recycling skill of Japanese craftspeople examined via the Karun Thakar collection • The history of weaving on the Iberian Peninsula • Calligraphic batiks of Indonesia in the Sim Tan collection held in Kuala Lumpur

  3. Spring 2023
    Issue 215

    Three little-known Kerman carpets from Iran • Indian chintzes, and the nuances of cross- continental trade they inspired • The transcendental imagery of prayer carpets at The Textile Museum • The story of kilim evangelist Werner Brändl • A major exhibition of Baluch tribal weavings • Turkish towels and household embroideries • The later life of Chinese rank badges

  4. Winter 2022
    Issue 214

    Exceptional trade cloths and an intriguing palampore with Japanese motifs from the TAPI Collection • A Mughal pashmina carpet • Introducing the Museum of Art & Photography in Bengaluru • Dutch garments of Indian chintz • Raphael's tapestries • 'The Magnificent Sanguszko Carpets'

  5. Autumn 2022
    Issue 213

    Magdalena Abkanowicz's Abakans • Chinese rank badges of the Ming and Qing dynasties • Equestrian woven textiles • Baluch' rugs • A chahar bagh garden carpet • Mohair minimalism • Chintz from Machilipatnam

  6. Summer 2022
    Issue 212

    Ottoman carpets from the Bruschettini Collection • A newly conserved Safavid ‘Sanguszko’ carpet • Ottoman çatma cushion covers • Rugs and textiles in the Great Mongol ShahnamaTiraz textiles • Ainu robes • The Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia

  7. Spring 2022
    Issue 211

    Master weavers in North Africa • Portrait of a Yogyakarta batik atelier founder • Aubusson tapestry exhibition • Swedish textile artist Märta Måås-Fjetterström and her workshop • Romanian carpet entrepreneur Teodor Tuduc • Horse trappings in China

  8. Winter 2021
    Issue 210

    Anatolian kilims • Tibetan dragon robes • A thousand years of Indian textiles • ‘Transylvanian’ carpets • The Grand Vizier’s tent • Embellished textiles from Sumatra • Carpets from the Ballard collection • The Black Gold Tapestry

  9. Autumn 2021
    Issue 209

    Indonesian textiles • Woven bags and trappings from the Rothberg Collection • Indian carpet fragments from the Calico Museum • Andean textiles at The Menil Collection • An unpublished Star Kazak rug • Asian textiles from the Nelson-Atkins Museum • Ottoman kilims

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