Elegant Structure: The Pattern of a Collection

In a lifetime of collecting, Lloyd Cotsen refined his own interests while expanding opportunities for artists and scholars. Throughout, he maintained a fascination for the way objects are constructed—and understood how a mere fragment can reveal the secrets of a complete textile. Lyssa C. Stapleton, curator of the Cotsen Collection, gives an overview of the man and his collections.

Lyon – Splendours in the City of Silk: 1. Textiles, by Georgina Adam

In the mid 1980s HALI published a series of four articles on the textiles and carpets in the collection of the Musée Historique des Tissus (MHT) in Lyons, France.  The first article, by Georgina Adam, in HALI 32, focused on a select handful of the historical textiles in Lyon, the following three, by Ian Bennett,… Read more »

Ashtapada – An Indian Silk Carpet In The Museum of Islamic Art, Doha, by Michael Franses

The oldest securely dated complete silk pile carpet from the Muslim world, now in the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, is particularly significant in the history of oriental carpets. Its synthesis of patterns casts light on the extensive trade and cultural links across Asia and the Mediterranean region between 1350 and 1450 that enabled… Read more »

Safavid Carpets in the Museum of Islamic Art, Qatar, by Michael Franses

Qatar’s Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, capital of the oil-and gas-rich Gulf State, opened its doors to the public on 22 November 2008. In this, the first of an occasional series of articles on highlights of the collection, we concentrate on the group of Safavid Persian carpets acquired by the MIAQ over the course of the past decade from private collections and at public auction. This article by Michael Franses is an extended version, with citations and references as well as additional images, of the abridgement published in HALI 155, Spring 2008, pp.72-89.

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