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Wannenes Rug Highlights

A quick look through many specialist rug auction catalogues creates an immediate impression of the sale: whether it is worth looking through in greater detail. One can quickly form an impression of what the expert is like and their interests, whether there is anything fresh and exciting and whether the sale simply a trade clearing house. A quick skim through the catalogue of Wannenes 25 May sale shows a group of pieces that are unusual to see at auction as well as the interests of the expert, Milanese dealer David Sorgato. The sale starts with a good group of Tibetan rugs, contains a number of Chinese and east Turkestan carpets as well as European tapestries, most with low estimates. The auction view takes place at the studios of the conservation experts, Opencare, 22-24 May, 10-18 hrs and 10-13 hrs on the sale day 25 May. To view the catalogue visit wannenes.com

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