Parting Shots

Sartirana Album September 2015

This year’s Sartirana Textile Art Show as always presented an excellent selection of antique oriental carpets and textiles. There were a few new faces, such as Max Lerch from Munich and Nasim Hakemie from Holland, as well as old hands like Bertram Frauenknecht and Tina Tabone. David Sorgato’s exhibition was dedicated to Lao ceremonial textiles, but overall this year there seemed to be great interest on rare and unusual Tibetan and Chinese carpets, mats and saddle covers from among others Farzin Mollaian,; Kami Chanteh showed a very rare large velvet from the Qajar period, Franco dell’Orto from Venice showed a mid-16th century medallion Ushak and very decorative Caucasian carpets. Edoardo Marino focused on fragments Shahsavan and Caucasian carpets. Alberto Boralevi this year displayed a very interesting collection of Romanian aprons and a late 17th century Transylvanian prayer carpet, which was flanked by a superb selection of other prayer rugs from the Moshe Tabibnia collection. The Tea Time Textile Talks were very interesting with the Francesca Fiorentino’s presentation of on Prayer Rugs, and another on The Lao Gift by David Sorgato with Bruno Gentili.


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