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Photo Album: Transylvania, June 2017

The HALI Tour to Transylvania (9-17 June 2017) combined striking Anatolian rugs, many still in the Saxon churches to which they were donated hundreds of years ago, picturesque medieval towns and outstanding natural beauty.

Led by Stefano Ionescu, the world expert on ‘Transylvanian’ rugs, HALI’s executive editor Daniel Shaffer and assistant editor Malin Lonnberg, the group of twenty rug and textile professionals, collectors and enthusiasts from across the world started out in the Romanian capital of Bucharest. From there, we made our way to Braşov, Sighişoara and Sibiu, with plenty of stops on the way. The tour took in local weaving traditions and embroidery, rugs by the legendary forger Theodor Tuduc and amazing frescoes, but the absolute highlights were the Ottoman Turkish carpets—Holbeins, Lottos, white-ground Selendis, single and double-niche ‘Transylvanian’ types—of which there were plenty and often in stunning condition. Mounted on church walls, they offered a glimpse into the lives and cultural impact of these rugs after leaving the loom. Nowhere did they come into their own as in the famous Black Church in Braşov, where we enjoyed a private and atmospheric visit, including a brief recital on the church’s historic organ.

We are grateful to those curators, keepers and collectors who generously shared the pieces in their care with such dedication.

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