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  1. Summer 2020
    Issue 204

    Azerbaijan carpets from the TIEM • Arab Uzbek kilims • Greek island and Kaitag embroidery • Modernist tapestries • Moroccan kilims • Textiles from the Sahel • Julius Straume and the Caucasian Handicrafts Committee • Woven bags from southern Persia

  2. Spring 2020
    Issue 203

    The ‘shaped’ carpets of Amer in Rajasthan • A newly discovered set of kalamkari hangings • Indian handkerchiefs • Pichvais from the TAPI Collection • Embroidered cushions from Jaipur • Chintz: the cloth that changed the world • Gujarat embroidery • A spectacular pashmina niche rug • Kashmir shawls

  3. Winter 2019
    Issue 202

    Cultural exchange along the Silk Road; Textile treasures from the Silk Road; Turkmen storage bags; Swedish textiles at the Nordic Museum; Early collectors of Greek embroidery; The Weise collection of textile art; Late antique/early medieval textiles from Egypt

  4. Autumn 2019
    Issue 201

    Exploring the textile traditions of North and West Africa; Carpets and textiles in colonial Peru; Japan’s fukusa; West African loom technology; Early Andean textiles; African textile art; Kazak rugs revisited

  5. Summer 2019
    Issue 200

    Rewriting the history of early carpets; Karun Thakar’s diverse textile collections; The history of metal-enhanced textiles; Berber costume; Turkmen needlework; A rediscovered Mamluk carpet; The El Kholti Collection of Rabat embroideries; Hans Christian Sienknecht’s Turkmen carpets; The Zaleski Collection of Turkish village weavings; Carpets from the tomb of Shah Abbas II

  6. Spring 2019
    Issue 199

    Batik textiles collected on Java by King Chulalongkorn of Siam; Sweden’s röllakan; Naga textiles; Moroccan carpets; Qajar Persia; Reassessing Raffles; Tiger rugs

  7. Winter 2018
    Issue 198

    HALI London 24 - 30 June 2019; Masterpieces in Moscow’s State Museum of Oriental Art on its 100th anniversary; The Kashmir shawl as a vector for 19th-century Transcaucasian rug designs; ‘Southwest Weavings: 800 Years of Artistic Exchange’ at SLAM; Anni Albers at Tate Modern; ‘Oceania’ at the RA; Zeki Müren rugs in Milan; The new carpet galleries at the Museum of Islamic Art in Berlin

  8. Autumn 2018
    Issue 197

    Two Italian exhibitions of Islamic art; The British Museum’s new Islamic gallery; Anatolian kilims in Washington, DC; a tapestry commissioned by King Henry VIII; barkcloth paintings in Los Angeles; an Aga Khan Museum installation of silk lampas made for Christian communities; subversive messages in African textiles; Madagascan and ancient Peruvian textiles

  9. Summer 2018
    Issue 196

    The Japan Edition: Noh theatre robes in Hayashibara Museum of Art; woollen felt carpets in a Nara temple repository; miyamairi kimonos; and the yūzen dyeing technique. Plus an Ottoman çintamani carpet in Krakow; a Qajar exhibition in France; the minimal weavings of Eurasia and North Africa; textile luxury in ancient Mesoamerica and the Andes and carpets from Avanos in Cappadocia.

  10. Spring 2018
    Issue 195

    The Guido Goldman ikat collection; Tehran’s Carpet Museum’s Safavid holdings; ‘vase-technique’ carpet fragments re-emerge in Sarajevo; an exhibition challenges widely-held beliefs on classical Islamic art; rural Swedish embroideries; Spanish carpets; and the 14th ICOC preview in Washington DC.

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