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  1. Spring 2017
    Issue 191

    Safavid silk tapestries at The Met, introducing the Japanese technique bingata, and an unmissable exhibition of ikat robes. Caucasian embroideries, early prayer rugs preserved in Transylvania, and the work of Iranian artist Parviz Tanavoli. Find all this and more in HALI 191.

  2. Winter 2016
    Issue 190

    Imam Reza Shrine Carpet Museum in Mashhad, Iran; glass beads in African art; Moroccan embroidered shawls; collectors Muzaffar Kaplan and Jack Corwin; Turkmen embroidered pouches; Iban weavings from Borneo; a Francis Bacon rug; Ca’ d’Oro exhibition, Venice and more in HALI 190

  3. Autumn 2016
    Issue 189

    Textiles and Minimalism at de Young; Ancient Andean textiles; National Museum of Scotland’s Kinghorne Carpet; Opus Anglicanum needlework at the V&A, Ainu Art; precious fragments; Islamic divination; Transcaucasian weaving; Martin Posth’s Anatolian carpets and more in HALI 189

  4. Summer 2016
    Issue 188

    HALI: The Iran Edition is dedicated to Iran: masterpieces from The National Carpet Museum, Tehran; Parviz Tanavoli; Silks from Mazandaran; Seljuk textiles; Amoghli; Qashqa’i weavings and Fars rugs. Also silk shawls of the Punjab, the Nemati collection, Turkmen carpets and more in HALI 188.

  5. Spring 2016
    Issue 187

    A new perspective on Turkmen carpets; the roles of luxury textiles in Islamic cultures; two important Safavid carpets are reunited; a royal funeral on the island of Sumba; the William Morris Peacock carpet; an intriguing textile from Assam in the British Museum and more in HALI 187

  6. Winter 2015
    Issue 186

    Narrow-strip woven cloths from Ghana & Togo
    Figurative Indian chintzes for the Armenian Church
    Rural and nomadic Moroccan textiles
    How Islamic art came to Berlin
    Interview with collector Ignazio Vok
    'Kongo: Power and Majesty' at the Met
    The lost tiles of Damascus
    And much more!

  7. Autumn 2015
    Issue 185

    'The Fabric of India' at the V&A
    Little known rugs in the MAA Budapest
    Textiles of rural Tunisia
    'Art in the Age of Spices' in Adelaide
    Nomadic felt traditions
    Anahita - Arts of Asia opens in Berlin
    and much more!

  8. Summer 2015
    Issue 184

    Japanese meisen kimono
    The George Hewitt Myers Collection
    Kuba skirts at the Neuberger Museum
    Oliver Hoare's 'Every object tells a story'
    Views from Iran
    and much more!

  9. Spring 2015
    Issue 183

    Inside Japan’s Miho Museum
    The champion of chintz
    Turkmen rug collector Kurt Munkacsi
    The Indictor collection of Islamic velvets
    The return of HALI to Olympia
    and much more!

  10. Winter 2014
    Issue 182

    The Textile Museum reopening March 2015
    Baluchar saris from Bengal in Mumbai
    Neiriz kelims in Halle, Germany
    Embroidered thangka fetches US$45 million
    Interview with Richard Tuttle
    AND much more!

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