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  1. Summer 2013
    Issue 176

    Ben Evans gives a taste of HALI's tour to Romania, interview with ikat collector Pip Rau, new Austrian auction house is launched, the Royal Textile Museum in Thailand, Interwoven Globe at the Met, Zaleski's suzani collection, the secrets of the Wari culture come to life and 99 Islamic works from 9th-19th century on show in Moscow.

    Also featuring the sale of the century from Sotheby's New York, exhibition review from the Met, book review on Southeast Asian textiles and APG from New York, Boston, Wiesbaden, Stuttgart and London.

  2. hali 172

    Summer 2012
    Issue 172

    News from carpet sale in Paris, LARTA and Parcours Paris, and a record breaking Navajo blanket at auction. Textile collector Seth Siegelaub is featured alongside Turkmen embroidered bokches and Shekarlu rugs. Hundreds of fragments are whittled down to four remarkable pieces at an exhibition, a journey of silk kilims for the Kings of Poland, Japanese Kabuki costumes, Crab Tree Farm includes classical turkish rugs in period taste and superb textiles and jewellery from Indonesia.

    Also featured previews of ARTS in San Francisco, the Sartirana Textile Show, the sale of a Kashmir moon shawl at Skinner and the reunification of fragments from the 8th century.

  3. Autumn 2012
    Issue 173

    Update from CDA 2013, antique Chinese Carpets from Gallery Moshe Tabibnia, Bonhams cut back on activity. 18th century Ottoman embroidered silk decorate a castle in Saxony, and tribal garments protect from evil spirits in Qaraqalpak culture. We look into the silk of the Safavid period, Chinese costumes and an exhibition of Ming and Qing imperial carpets preserved in Beijing's Forbidden City.

    Also featuring an exhibition of Flying Carpets from Rome and from APG, a Louis XIII Savonnerie carpet fetches more than $2mil.

  4. Hali 174

    Winter 2012
    Issue 174

    Textiles news from Vienna, Baku and Buckingham Palace, as well as the Parcours des Mondes, Biennale des Antiquaires, Islamic art galleries at the Louvre and Pagoda Paris. The science of carbon-14 dating is revealed, treasures from West Timor are uncovered and an Indo-Pacific Art gallery at Yale unveils a gifted collection.

    Also featuring exhibitions from 'The Sultan's Garden' at the Textile Museum, DC, Hair and heads at the Quai Branly and Baluch and Textile Art in San Francisco. APG includes a rare Samarkand ikat, a Saryk torba and a famous RKO rug in Wiesbaden.

  5. HALI

    Spring 2013
    Issue 175

    The new-look HALI, featuring news from Asian Art Week New York, the V&A Jameel Prize, and a new Diary feature. Ros Weaver reports from Bolivia on textile culture, Giuseppe Eskenazi and the 16th century Clark sickle-leaf carpet. Features include silk and gold Ottoman saddle cloths, barkcloths from New Guinea, Hawaiian feather-work and embroideries at the Sadberk Hanim.

    Reviews on current exhibitions include 'Transylvanians' from paintings at the Museum of Islamic Art, Doha, and 'Chavin - Peru's mysterious Temple in the Andes', Zurich, as well as book reviews, San Francisco Tribal & Textile Art Show and a new APG.

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