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  1. Paul Nels (1922-2014), interviewed in 1995

    In 1995, to mark half a century in the rug business, the late Paul Nels was interviewed by HALI’s then deputy editor Andrea Marechal. Her brief account, published in HALI 82, captures much of the spirit of a larger-than-life character who was a given on the London antique carpet scene for so many decades.

  2. Marino Dall’Oglio for HALI Magazine

    In memory of the noted Oriental carpet collector, Dr Marino Dall’Oglio of Milan, who passed away peacefully on Thursday, 21st November 2013, we publish here five articles written by him. The first, on ‘White Ground Anatolian Carpets’  was first given as a paper to the 1983 London ICOC, and was published  in 1986 in Oriental Carpet and Textile Studies II:… Read more »

  3. Turkish Carpets in the Victoria and Albert Museum

    The last in the series of early HALI articles by the team of Donald King, Robert Pinner and Michael Franses on the carpets in the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, is an in-depth survey and detailed documentation of the museum’s historical Turkish carpets and fragments. First published in HALI 6/4, 1984. To read the… Read more »

  4. Chinese Carpets in the Victoria and Albert Museum

    As part of the continuing series of In-Depth archive articles from early issues of HALI magazine, here the King, Pinner & Franses team focus on the Chinese carpet collection in London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. First published in HALI 5/2, 1982. To read the article please click here.

  5. East Mediterranean Carpets in the Victoria and Albert Museum

    The third of HALI’s occasional series of In-Depth articles on the carpet collections of London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, on the Mamluk, Cairene Ottoman and other classical East Mediterranean types, was published in HALI 4/1 1981. The collection is introduced by Keeper of Textiles Donald King, and the carpets are discussed and analysed by Robert… Read more »

  6. Turkmen Rugs in the Victoria and Albert Museum

    The first of the extended series of In-Depth HALI magazine articles on the Oriental carpet collections at the Victoria and Albert Museum, by HALI’s then editors Robert Pinner and Michael Franses, with an introduction to the history of the collection by the V&A’s Keeper of Textiles, Donald King, was published in HALI 2/4, 1980. To… Read more »

  7. The Qaraqalpaq Dialectic: Qaraqalpaqs of the Aral Delta: The Right to Reply

    In HALI 175 (Spring 2013, pp.124-127), Andrew Hale reviewed David and Sue Richardson’s ‘encyclopaedic’ new book, Qaraqalpaqs of the Aral Delta. The full version of his review was published on this site.  Here the Richardsons address what they consider to be serious flaws in the reviewer’s assessment. An abridged version of this detailed rebuttal appears in… Read more »

  8. Caucasian Carpets in the Victoria and Albert Museum

    During the late 1970s and early 1980s, HALI published an occasional (and still incomplete) series of articles that feature and analyse the carpet collections in London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. The history of the collection was written by Donald King, the then Keeper of Textiles at the museum, and the rugs were analysed by HALI’s then… Read more »

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