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ARTS in San Francisco


Bergama koran bag, west Anatolian, 19th century. Peter Pap, CA

The annual Capri motel rug and textile event got off to a good start on a gorgeous San Francisco autumn day with almost 150 paid guests turning up for the opening reception. As in previous years the show, which included a handful of new exhibitors replacing some of the older hands who couldn’t attend this year for various personal reasons, lacked nothing in terms of the quality and variety of the material on offer, much of it at realistically accessible prices.

If only the Capri offered a slightly better opportunity to display material – one commentator described the situation as ” the environment diminishes the Art”; often making great rugs and textiles look less than they really are. Too soon to tell how good business is this year, but there was certainly plenty of talk, many promises to return before Sunday, and a generally lively atmosphere, although no sense of major business being done. More images will be uploaded over the weekend. DS


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