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Austria’s Newest Auctioneer

Third-generation Viennese antique oriental carpet and textile merchant Udo Langauer is opening his own dedicated rug auction house in the Austrian capital. The first sale at his new Austria Auction Company (AAC) will take place in downtown Vienna on 21 September 2013 at 4 pm, at Novomatic Forum in Friedrichstraße. The inaugural consignment will include between 180 and 200 high quality collectable antique rugs, kilims and textiles, ranging in date from the 16th century to the 20th.

Udo Langauer brings an impeccable pedigree to his venture, one that should enable him to compete effectively in the specialist carpet and textile auction field with Vienna’s historic Dorotheum, and perhaps other European houses too. Not yet fifty (young in the rug world demographic), he has established an international reputation as an experienced rug dealer, with good knowledge, fine taste and absolute integrity. He also enjoys the benefits of bred-in-the-bone connections with the carpet trade, both antique and modern, and with traditional carpet collectors and their collections, many of which are undergoing generational change, through his highly-respected father, Fritz, and the Langauer family’s long business association and friendship with Austria’s largest purveyors of antique oriental carpets, the Besim family of Adil Besim.

The first AAC offering, which includes many excellent pieces at realistically accessible estimates (see a selection below), will be on view at Novomatic Forum at 7 Friedrichstraße, Vienna 1010, from Wednesday 18 September until the start of the sale on Saturday 21 September (18/09, 12.00–20.00; 19 & 20/09,  0900–20.00; 21/09, 0900-16.00). Buyers will be able to bid in the room at Novomatic Forum, on the telephone, and on the internet on, and also follow the sale, but not participate directly, on the AAC’s (soon to be launched) website, For consignments AAC is based in the Langauers’ Oritop premises at Industriestrasse in Brunn am Gebirge.

novomatic-1 Austria auction

Novomatic Forum, Friedrichstraße 7, Vienna 1010

bh5-Star Ushak

Star Ushak carpet, west Anatolia, ca. 1600. 327 x 173cm. Estimate: €35,000-50,000


Ushak double-niche rug, west Anatolia, ca. 1750, 182 x 114cm. Estimate €8,000-12,000


Ushak ‘Lotto’ arabesque rug, Turkey, west Anatolia, 17th century, 161 x 117cm. Estimate 12,000-15,000


Karachov Kazak rug, southwest Caucasus, ca. 1850, 209 x 165cm. Estimate €8,000-10,000


Lori Pambak Kazak rug, southwest Caucasus, ca. 1880, 274 x 179cm. Estimate €8,000-10,000


Kazak rug, southwest Caucasus, ca. 1860, 326 x 186cm. Estimate €7,000-9,000


Yomut ‘Igdyr’ Turkmen C-Göl main carpet, ca. 1850, 296 x 170cm. Estimate €12,000-15,000


Yomut ‘Karadashli’ Turkmen main carpet, ca. 1800. 275 x 176cm. Estimate €10,000-15,000


Shahsavan sumakh bag-face, Azerbaijan, south Caucasus or northwest Persia, ca. 1860, 60 x 57cm. Estimate €2,500-3,500


Qashqa’i gabbeh, Fars, southwest Persia, ca. 1900, 348 x 129cm. Estimate €4,000-5,000


Qashqa’i rug, Fars, southwest Persia, ca. 1880, 286 x 162cm. estimate €4,000-5,000


‘Serapi’ Heriz carpet, northwest Persia, ca. 1880, 581 x 415cm. Estimate €20,000-25,000


‘Mohtashem’ Kashan carpet, central Persia, ca. 1910, 422 x 326cm. Estimate €25,000-30,000


‘Mohtashem’ Kashan rug, central Persia, ca. 1900, 193 x 131cm. Estimate €4,000-5,000


Esfahan rug, central Persia, ca. 1920, 225 x 146cm. Estimate €6,000-8,000


Beijing carpet, China, ca. 1900, 526 x 333cm. Estimate €8,000-10,000

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