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BRAFA 2015

BRAFA Art Fair returns to Brussels, 24 January – 1 February 2015. On the occasion of the fair’s 60th anniversary, 126 exhibitors will gather from over a dozen countries. Free entry is offered to visitors whose 60th birthday falls on one of the days of the fair.

Renowned for leading the way in the antique world, the stalwart reputation continues to soar, and 2014 was a record year with over 55,000 visitors. Carpets and textiles will feature from De Wit Fine Tapestries and N. Vrouyr.

BRAFA, De Wit Fine Tapestries, ‘Feuilles de choux’

De Wit Fine Tapestries, ‘Feuilles de choux’ tapestry, wool and silk, weaving centre: Southern Netherlands, possibly Oudenaarde, Grammont or Enghien, second half of 16th Century, 340cm x 265cm

The BRAFA Art Talks series returns for a second year, with the theme of the preservation and transmission of cultural heritage. Helene Joubert, Head Curator responsible for the African Heritage Collections of the Quai Branly Museum, Paris is one of the speakers. She will talk about the history of the acquisition of the museum’s African collection on 25 January.

A special exhibition ‘Le Collectionneur belge’ celebrates the collector as custodian, safeguarding treasures and heritage for future generations.

BRAFA, Tibet, Tsukdruk, wool on wool, 56x87 cm, end of 19th century

N. Vrouyr, Tsukdruk, Tibet, wool, 56×87 cm, end of 19th century

BRAFA, N. Vrouyr, Tibetan carpet, Wool on wool, 168x95cm, Early 20th century

N. Vrouyr, Tibetan carpet, Wool on wool, 168x95cm, Early 20th century

BRAFA, Epoque Fine Jewels, mermaid pendant

Epoque Fine Jewels, mermaid pendant, enamel, ruby, diamond, emerald in a gold and silver setting, France, circa 1870

BRAFA, Claes Gallery, Zande harp, Democratic of the Congo

Claes Gallery, Zande harp, wood, leather, vegetable fibres, Democratic of the Congo, Late 19th-20th century, H 45cm, provenance: Gokelaere collection, Brussels

El Anatsui, Intimation, 2014

El Anatsui, Intimation, 2014


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