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Woven Tales at Gallery Moshe Tabibnia

Gallery Moshe Tabibnia

Gallery Moshe Tabibnia

Tapestries and embroideries from the most prominent textile centres of Europe are surveyed in a new exhibition and publication by Gallery Moshe Tabibnia.

‘Woven Tales: Tapestries and Embroideries from the Gothic Period to the Renaissance’ will run from 7 May to 11 July at the gallery in Milan, where twenty-two textiles from the Zaleski collection will be exhibited along with thirty-six pieces from Gallery Moshe Tabibnia. The display is divided into six sections, with the final part taking its inspiration from the theme of the Milan Expo 2015, ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’. Tapestries have been chosen which, through their subject or function, engage with the concept of nourishment or the use of food metaphors in relation to the divine.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a series of lectures by international academics, textile historians and museum professionals. Published in English and Italian versions, Textile Art Masterpieces. Tapestries and Embroideries in the Zaleski Collection catalogues nearly eighty textile artefacts from one of the largest private collections in Europe. A main theme is works reflecting the aesthetics of the late Gothic era.

Gallery Moshe Tabibnia

The Worrying Maiden, Alsace, Strasbourg, 1490 – 1510, 0.75 x 0.87 m, The Zaleski Collection, Gallery Moshe Tabibnia

Gallery Moshe Tabibnia

The Annunciation, Brussels, 1521 – 1525, 2.18 x 2.94 m, The Zaleski Collection, Gallery Moshe Tabibnia


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