1. When is a Talish not a Talish? HALI 175, Auction Price Guide Erratum

    In HALI 175, on page 136, the image of a yellow-ground Northeast Caucasian prayer rug, sold at Grogan’s in Dedham in January 2013, mistakenly accompanies the details and comment for an unusual Talish prayer rug sold by Rippon Boswell in Wiesbaden in November 2012. Here are both rugs with the correct captions and comments.


    Skinner’s antique rug sale on 11 May in downtown Boston has several highlights that deserve attention from international collectors and dealers.

  3. London’s Spring Islamic and Asian Art Sales, April 2013

    The regular Spring and Autumn Islamic and Asian week auctions in London see tens, if not hundreds, of millions of dollars’ worth of goods on offer across the full range of traditional mediums and materials, as well as 19th and 20th century paintings and contemporary works of art.

  4. Maori Feather Cloaks at Auction

    On 26 March 2013, a rare 19th century Maori kahu kiwi feather cloak was sold by the New Zealand auctioneers Webb’s in Auckland for NZ$46,000.

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