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AOA Tribal Art Fair, New York

The annual AOA (Africa, Oceana and the Americas) Tribal Art Fair this year takes place 14 – 18 May 2014 to coincide with major African and Oceanic auctions in New York.

Located in a private mansion on the Upper East Side close to the Metropolitan Museum, AOA will offer an intimate group exhibition organised by Maureen Zarember (Tambaran Gallery). Dealers from the US exhibiting there as well as in permanent galleries include the Gail Martin Gallery, Tambaran Gallery and Claudia Giangola & John Menser, from Europe are Ben Hunter (UK), Galerie Flak (France) and Galerie J. Visser (Belgium). Gail Martin will show abstract African and Pre-Columbian textiles with a focus on figurative weavings.


Tunic (detail), Peru, Chimu culture, 1100 – 1400 AD, camelid wool, slit tapestry weave, 44” X 38”
Gail Martin Gallery


Woven border fragment (detail), Peru, Nazca Culture, 100 BC – 200 AD, fine camelid wool with overall embroidery, 24 ¼” X 2 ½”
Gail Martin Gallery


Dida Mantle, Ivory Coast, 20th century, tie-dyed plaited raffia fibre, 33 ½” x 891/2”
Gail Martin Gallery


Dida Mantle (detail), Ivory Coast, 20th century, tie-dyed plaited raffia fibre, 33 ½” x 891/2”
Gail Martin Gallery


Kifwebe Mask, Songye, Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa
Wood, 1st quarter of the 20th Century
Tambaran Gallery, New York


Mayapán Figure
Yucatán, Mexico, circa 1200-1450 AD
Height 26 inches (66 cm), Width 12 inches (30.5 cm), Depth 16 inches (40.6cm)
Claudia Giangola & John Menser


Woven fragment (detail), Peru, 100 BC – 200 AD, camelid wool, overall embroidery; 5” X 11 ½”
Gail Martin Gallery


Bahinemo Garra Hook, Hunstein Mountains, Papua New Guinea, wood and pigment, Height 39.8’’, 19th Century
Tambaran Gallery


Kaiavuru Bull roarer, Era river, Papua New Guinea, 46.5cm, 19th century
Ben Hunter



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