1. Undiscovered Minimalism

    Werner Weber’s kilims from Mazandaran Province in the north of Iran are currently on show at the Historical and Ethnological Museum in St. Gallen, Switzerland, until 30 January 2021.

  2. Editor’s Choice: East Anatolian Rug

    For more than forty years HALI has found and published some of the most important and beautiful rugs and textiles in the world. The many different paths we have followed to find interesting pieces—auctions, collector meetings and conferences, dealers’ exhibitions and adverts—have been a constant source of wonder and excitement in our pages. Illustrating gems we have discovered and wanted to share has tended to be confined to an appropriate context. Here we are attempting something different.

  3. Around the World in Tie-dye

    In HALI 201, we looked at tie-dye and other ‘shaped-resist’ textiles, which are culturally ubiquitous.

  4. HALI: The India Edition

    More than ever are we reminded of the interconnected nature of our world. In his editorial for HALI: The India Edition, Ben Evans muses on how this fact and its historical significance can be understood through the lens of Indian textiles.

  5. Three great online resources for antique carpets and textiles

    With most major museums across the world temporarily closed, our study and appreciation of antique carpets and textiles are forced to move online. Luckily, many institutions now have collection databases with high-resolution images and thorough catalogue entries. Here are three great resources for discovering new and old carpet and textile favourites.

  6. Rethreading & Retracing: Textiles and Techniques by Bita Ghezelayagh

    ‘Rethreading & Retracing: Textiles and Techniques by Bita Ghezelayagh’ at the Aga Khan Centre Gallery in London explores the artist’s long-standing interest in working with found materials such as antique carpet fragments. Deborah Freeman Fahid pays a visit.

  7. Unbound: Visionary Women Collecting Textiles

    Textiles assembled by seven pioneering collectors, active between 1900 and 2018, and drawn from seven public collections in the UK were the focus of the annual exhibition (25 January-19 April 2020) held at Two Temple Place on London’s Embankment.

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