1. The Arts of Iran Now and Then

    With a new exhibition of Iranian art opening in the British capital, we look back at the ground-breaking 1931 ‘International Exhibition of Persian Art’

  2. Academics in the Greek Archipelago

    Francesca Leoni explains how a discovery in the Ashmolean Museum’s archives threw fresh light on an important area of British textile collecting—the acquisition of Greek island embroideries—and led to a new exhibition and catalogue

  3. Profile: Fred Mushkat

    American collector Fred Mushkat on his new publication about woven bands and the role of the collector

  4. A Selection from Auction Price Guide 2020

    Auction Price Guide is one of the longest-running and most popular sections in HALI magazine, and a great place to learn more about specific carpets and textiles. Here we highlight six Auction Price Guide entries from HALI 205

  5. From the Pasha to Pennsylvania

    A large-medallion Ushak from the early 1500s has travelled between the Near East, Europe and America over the centuries. In HALI 205, Autumn 2020, Ted Mast places this exceptional carpet in context and uncovers its history

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