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Stars of the Caucasus—Azerbaijani Embroideries

Textile Museum, Washington DC

Silk embroidery, greater Azerbaijan, 17th-18th century. Cross stitch on cotton, 1.49 x 1.80 m (4′ 11″ x 5′ 11″). Textile Museum, Washington DC, inv. no. 2.19

Embroideries of the 16th-18th centuries from the west Caspian region are the subject of a book, produced by Hali Publications, to be published on the occasion of the International Symposium on Azerbaijani Carpets (ISAC Baku) on 17-20 October 2017.

The well-illustrated, multi-author book is written by a team of international museum professionals and independent scholars. As such, it is the first detailed and co-ordinated study of the silk embroideries characteristic of the region, including technical data as well as stylistic and historical analysis.

Textile Museum, Washington DC, inv. no. 2.19

Silk embroidery, Caucasus, 17th-18th century. Long stitch on cotton. Textile Museum, Washington DC, inv. no. OCT 2.2

An 8-day HALI Tour in Azerbaijan and Georgia will follow the symposium from 21-28 October 2017, allowing a small group of guests the opportunity to experience Azerbaijani and Georgian culture first-hand. Exclusive visits to museum archives and private collections will provide a greater understanding and appreciation of the diverse weaving and textile traditions of these places.  View the tour brochure here.

For further information on the symposium, view the ISAC 2017 – FAQ document. Registration for ISAC 2017 is free via isacbaku.org.

Textile Museum, Washington DC

‘Lenkoran’-style silk embroidery, eastern greater Azerbaijan, 17th century. Reduced, 51 x 56 cm (1′ 8″ x 1′ 10″). Textile Museum, Washington DC, inv. no. 2.21

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