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Imperial Puzzle: Sixteenth-Century Persian Spiral-Vine Carpets with Animals, by Christine Klose

As a posthumous tribute to Dr Christine Klose, one of the most prolific independent carpet scholars of her generation, we publish her final International Conference on Oriental Carpets paper, given in Istanbul in 2007. Diligent  ‘detective’ work allowed her to reconstruct the extent of a highly regarded design type of early Safavid ‘Hunting’ carpets through a comparative survey of known carpets and carpet fragments, some previously unpublished. To read more, please click on the image below


Safavid Spiral Vine Carpet with Animals, Persia, 16th Century. Courtesy Moshe Tabibnia Gallery, Milan.

This article was first published in HALI 170, Winter 2011, when an incorrect image was printed of Fig. 18, Dr Klose’s drawn reconstruction of Carpet VI. The correct drawn reconstruction appears in this version.




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