News: China

  1. Ellsworth sales: 100% for the King of Ming

    During Asian Art Week in New York, from 17 March to 21 March 2015, some two thousand works of Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Himalayan, Southeast Asian and European art from the collection of the late American scholar, dealer and connoisseur, Robert Hatfield Ellis (a.k.a. ‘The King of Ming’) were sold in a series of six auctions… Read more »

  2. High-Flying Dragon carpet

    A new mark for a Chinese carpet was set at Christie’s in New York on 11 December 2014, one of six world auction records set during the ‘Exceptional Sale’, by this Wanli period Ming Imperial double dragon carpet fragment. The carpet sold to an anonymous buyer within its $600-800,000 estimate for $665,000. A complete large… Read more »

  3. Robert Hatfield Ellsworth Collection at Christie’s

    The collection of Robert Hatfield Ellis will be sold at Christie’s in March 2015. The distinguished connoisseur, dubbed the ‘King of Ming by the New York Times, passed away in August 2014.

  4. In-Depth on hali.com

    HALI In-depth has a steady stream of long articles about oriental rugs and carpets taken from the extensive HALI archive. The latest article that has been posted is about East Mediterranean carpets from the V&A, first published 1981

  5. Paris museum welcomes the Mysterious Cities of Gold

    With museums around the world competing to find ever more imaginative ways to get new and younger audiences to visit their exhibitions, the Guimet in Paris has come up with treasure: its latest show celebtrates the ’80s Japanese-French animated series The Mysterious Cities of Gold, along with its recent sequel series.

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