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Chinese Rugs and Mats at David Sorgato Gallery

David Sorgato’s current gallery exhibition in Milan, 16 May-15 June, focuses on Chinese rugs and mats, a topical show given the recent interest for high-quality Chinese material in the market. Among the exhibits is a Ningxia meditation mat of circa 1800, with a lotus design in which some of the fugitive red colour of early Chinese rugs is preserved.

A Ningxia meditation mat, circa 1800

Detail of a Ningxia meditation mat, circa 1800

On the heels of this exhibition, Sorgato will present rugs and textiles from his collection at HALI London. Twenty of the best international dealers will offer a wide range of vintage and antique textile art, from important collectors’ pieces to more affordable decorative objects at the HALI Fair, 27-30 June. You don’t need a ticket to join the HALI Fair at the Mall Galleries. The HALI Fair is open to the public 27-30 June 2019. View HALI Fair opening times.



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