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Collector Carpets and Textiles, Henry’s, Mutterstadt, Germany, 9 June 2018


Lot 194, Shahsavan sumakh bagface, Persia, 19th century. Estimate: €1,500-5,500

Henry’s Auktionshaus’s large summer sale of ‘Collector Carpets and Textiles‘ in Mutterstadt, Germany, on 9 June 2018 covers the full range of the oriental weavers’ repertoire, with most of the 320 lots in what is a good consignment being offered at very accessible opening prices.

In addition to the expected large number of Iranian town carpets and decorative 19th and 20th-century Chinese pieces, including three of the increasingly popular late Qing so-called ‘palace’ carpets (lots 176, 177 and 184), as well as Turkmen weavings, some of high quality, there is an interesting consignment of sixteen eminently-collectable 19th-century village and tribal pieces, all of which were acquired from, and several of which were also published by, the Munich dealer Eberhart Herrmann in heyday of his Theatinerstrasse gallery during the 1980s. Given their pedigree, this group of pieces—lots 192, Kashkuli Qashqa’i rug; 193, Luri gabbeh; 194, Shahsavan sumakh bagface; 195 Shahsavan rug; 196, Bijov rug; 197, Fachralo prayer rug; 198, Shahsavan sumakh bagface; 199, Kuba bagface; 200, Bergama rug; 201, Şarkişla Yörük rug; 204, Shahsavan bagface; 205, Karabagh sumakh mafrash panel; 211, Lesghi rug; 221, Kazak rug; and 233, Ersari Turkmen chuval—as well as a set of fifteen Herrmann annual catalogues (lot 106), is consigned at inviting opening prices of €2,000 or less.

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