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‘Cover Story’ to open this week alongside ‘Spun: Adventures in Textiles’, Denver, Colorado

This week the Denver Art Museum (DAM) will unveil a new gallery space, Cover Story, which will display over sixty artefacts from the museum’s textile collection. The objects explore the ways in which textiles have been used by different cultures across centuries of time.

This new gallery takes its place alongside ten new museum-wide exhibitions (see below) arranged under the catch-all title, Spun: Adventures in Textiles, which will exhibit a wide range of textiles, from pre-Columbian and Native American weavings to contemporary textile art, drawn from collections throughout the museum as well as loans and on-site creations.

It has been a goal of the DAM to expand the previously underrepresented textile art department and tell the story of textiles as triggers of cultural exchange and creative expression from around the world.

“As a global and highly portable art form, textiles reveal the richness that comes from cultures intermingling throughout history,” Director Christopher Heinrich said. “Textiles also show the geographical and historical courses by which ,techniques and design motifs were shared. With the expanded department, and museum-wide look at this art form, visitors will experience the incredible versatility, functionality and historical variety of textile arts over millennia.”

Spun: Adventures in Textiles, will include these exhibitions:

Spun: Adventures in Textiles will be on view at The Denver Art Museum (DAM), Colorado from May 19–September 22, 2013.

Blanket, Chief’s Style

Navajo Chief’s Style Blanket, DAM

Spring (Wiosna) detail 2005.134~13

Spring (Wiosna)

Poncho 1982.184

Navajo Poncho

Chuck Close, Lucas Rug

Chuck Close, Lucas Rug

Charkheb 2012_291v4 (detail) 2012_291v4







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