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HALI Picks from the Antique Pavilion at NYICS

The New York International Carpet Show opened yesterday at The Terminal Warehouse in New York City. Known colloquially as ‘The Tunnel’, the building’s masonry and rough-hewn wood construction provide an ideal setting for the inaugural ‘Antique Pavilion’ at a show best known for contemporary and modern carpets. The contrast between context and setting could not be more visually stimulating. 

Reworked as a fully modern functioning building, The Tunnel retains its original character and floor plan allowing for the display of antique and collectable carpets in an environment that harkens to the bygone eras in which these pieces were originally made. Browsing the selection offered by some of the most reputable North American and European dealers feels as though you are literally having the first look at these exotic pieces as they were unloaded from the boat and placed into storage awaiting their final, or perhaps in this case, next home.

These are a few of the pieces that caught our eye on first glance and are now on display and offered for sale. The New York International Carpet Show (NYICS) is on now through tomorrow September 13, 2016. Visit nyics.com for show hours, directions, and a comprehensive list of exhibitors.

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