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Hazara Gallery Auction Co. Inaugural Sale

Mohammed Zavvar has been collecting and deaing in oriental rugs and textiles for 45 years, running the Hazara Gallery in Oakland, California for three decades. Noticing a significant gap in the area’s saleroom market, Zavvar comments “I have decided to attempt to fill this need by creating a single-focussed auction venue”.

The first sale at the Hazara Gallery Auction Co. takes place at 11 am on 18 October 2014, here we present a selection of highlights.


lot 74 Pair of east Anatolian striped Kilims, Second half 19th century, 2ft. 6in. x 10ft. 3in., 2ft. 6in. x 10ft. 6in., Estimate: $3,000 – $4,000


lot 33, Tekke Main Carpet, Turkmenistan, Central Asia, Second half 19th century, 6ft. 1in. x 8ft. 11in., Estimate: $12,000 – $18,000


lot 101, Gabbeh carpet, Southwest Persia, Mid-20th century, 4ft. 1in. x 6ft. 2in., Estimate: $4,500 – $5,500


lot 64, Ming Dynasty Silk Kesi, Mounted textile, China, With frame: 22in. x 28in., Without: 20in. x 26in., Estimate: $2,500 – $3,500


lot 148 Silk Suzani, Uzbekistan, Central Asia, Circa 1900, 5ft. 11in. x 8ft. 5in., Estimate: $4,000 – $5,000


lot 152, Ottoman silk embroidery textile, Turkey, 18th century, 36.5in. x 37.5in., Estimate: $10,000 – $12,000


lot 120, Shahsavan sumakh bagface, Northwest Persia, Circa 1880, 20in. x 21in., Estimate: $2,500 – $3,500


lot 106, Saryk Ensi, Turkmenistan, Central Asia, Mid-19th century, 4ft. x 4ft. 9in., Estimate: $12,000 – $15,000


lot 167, Persian Dragon carpet, Southwest Persia, Circa 1880, 5ft. 5in. x 11ft. 9in., Estimate: $10,000 – $12,000


lot 170, Bokhara Suzani, Uzbekistan, Central Asia, Circa 1870, 4ft. 11in. x 7ft. 4in., Estimate: $8,000 – $10,000


lot 146, Konya runner, Central Anatolia, Circa 1800, 3ft. 3in. x 15ft. 4in., Estimate: $18,000 – $22,000


lot 132, Khotan long rug, West China, Early 20th century, Wool warp and wefts, 4ft. 4in. x 8ft. 7in., Estimate: $5,500 – $6,500


lot 119, Karachoff Kazak carpet, South Caucasus, Circa 1870, 6ft. 8in. x 7ft. 3in., Estimate: $22,000 – $25,000


lot 140, Karabagh tree of life prayer rug, Southeast Caucasus, Dated 1280 ah (1862 ad), 3ft. 1in. x 4ft. 11in., Estimate: $18,000 – $22,000, Hali Magazine, Issue 54, pp. 104–05 Caucasian Prayer Rugs by Ralph Kaffel, pp.68–69


lot 155, Baluch camel hair sofra with pile border, Northeast Persia, Late 19th century, 2ft. 1in. x 4ft. 10in., Estimate: $2,500 – $3,500


lot 93, Afshar rug, Southeast Persia, Late 19th century, 3ft. 6in. x 4ft. 1in., Estimate: $2,500 – $3,500


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