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No reserve at Austria Auction Company, Vienna, 22 August 2017

Austria Auction Company and Udo Langauer’s busy schedule of sales of Antique Collector Rugs continues on Tuesday 22 August at 5pm at the Palais Breuner, Singerstrasse 16, in Vienna, Austria, and online on Liveauctioneers. What distinguishes the 159 lots this evening sale is that the wide variety of rugs and bags are all offered without reserve prices, and with online starting bids (not estimates) in the €20-€100 range. All that means, however, is that nothing will remain unsold, and it is expected that the better pieces on offer, including a Saryk Turkmen Main Carpet with the Temirjin göl, an Afshar boteh design mafrash face, and a dated Talish long rug, illustrated below with other selected potential highlights, will fetch many times those enticing opening prices.


Lot 98. Saryk Turkmen Main Carpet. Turkmenistan, ca. 1860. 230 x 224 cm (7ft. 7in. X 7ft. 4in.) Condition: good, slight losses at both ends, very few small repairs, few spots of moth damage. Warp: wool, weft: wool, pile: wool. Starting bid €70


Lot 49. Afshar bag face. South Persia, late 19th century. 96 x 61 cm (3ft. 2in. X 2ft.) Persia. Starting bid € 30


Lot 107. Hotamis Kelim, Turkey, mid 19th century. 415 x 80 cm (13ft. 7in. X 2ft. 7in.) Condition: used, brown corroded and partly repaired, some repairs and signs of wear. Warp: wool, weft: wool. starting bid € 30


Lot: 59. Yomut Chuval, Turkmenistan, ca. 1870. 112 x 87 cm (3ft. 8in. X 2ft. 10in.) Condition: good, few small repairs, lower end partly incomplete. Warp: wool, weft: wool, pile: wool Starting bid €40


Lot 57, Akstafa Sumakh Mafrash Panel, Azerbaijan, ca. 1880. 10 x 67 cm (3ft. 7in. X 2ft. 2in.) Condition: good, few minor repairs Warp: wool, weft: wool and cotton. Starting bid € 30


Lot 63, Talish long rug, Azerbaijan, dated 1269 (1850). 282 x 102 cm (9ft. 3in. X 3ft. 4in.) Condition: good, brown corroded, few very small repairs, few signs of use Warp: wool, weft: wool, pile: wool. Starting bid €100


Lot: 85. Tekke Turkmen Main Carpet. Turkmenistan, ca. 1860.247 x 191 cm (8ft. 1in. X 6ft. 3in.) Condition: good, pile partly low, several old repairs. Warp: wool, weft: wool, pile: wool. Starting bid €70

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