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Sotheby’s, Rugs & Carpets, London, 1 November 2016

Sotheby’s dedicated autumn sale of 155 carpet lots, the second since the auctioneer’s return to specialist rug sales in the Bond Street rooms, is strong on Chinese and East Turkestan pieces and also includes a small Ushak Lotto, a 17th-century Esfahan, a Type-C  Star Kazak, a Mohtashem Kashan and a signed Zareh Kum Kapı prayer rug. There are numerous fine silk carpets in the sale, among them the bulk of the consignment of two dozen carpets from the Abdi Roubeni Collection. Estimates are generally realistic, even low in some instances, and a significant number of the more collectable pieces are being sold to benefit a charitable foundation.


Lot 104. Esfahan carpet, Central Persia, 17th century. 415 x 217cm. Estimate: £40,000–60,000


Lot 3. Type-C Star Kazak rug, southwest Caucasus, 19th century. 154 x 217cm. Estimate £18,000–25,000

Ushak Lotto-rug, west-anatolia-late-16th/early-17th-century

Lot 20. Ushak Lotto rug, west Anatolia, late 16th/early 17th century. 124 x 177 cm. Estimate £15,000–25,000


Lot 81. Ningxia rug, northwest China, early 18th century. 84 x 151 cm. Estimate £5,000–7,000


Lot 84. Ningxia rug, northwest China, late 18th century.154 x 197 cm. Estimate£8,000-12,000


Lot 89. Yarkand silk carpet, Xinjiang, early 19th century. 198 x 382 cm. Estimate £20,000–30,000


Lott 88. Ersari rug, Middle Amu Darya region, second half 19th century. 172 x 220 cm. Estimate £5,000–8,000


Lot 95. Signed Zareh Kum Kapı silk and silk brocade prayer rug, Istanbul, ca. 1910. 126 x 179 cm. Estimate £8,000-12,000


Lot 97. West Persian silk rug, possibly Joshagan, early 19th century. 146 x 173 cm. Estimate £40,000-60-000


Lot 117. Camel Hair Farahan rug, west Persia, dated 1311 (1894/5). 130 x 187 cm. Abdi Roubeni Collection. Estimate £15,000-20,000


Lot 126. Signed Saber Mashad carpet, northeast Persia, second quarter 20th century. 321 x 425 cm. Abdi Roubeni collection. Estimate £90,000-120,000.


Lot 132. Mohtashem Kashan carpet, central Persia, ca. 1905. 226 x 307 cm. Estimate £30,000-50,000

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