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Carpet Diem 2014 – Classical Chinese Carpets

On Sunday 13 April 2014, the Staatliches Museum für Völkerkunde, Maximilianstraße 42, Munich will host ‘Carpet Diem 2014’, a keynote lecture by leading collector and expert on Chinese and East Turkestan weaving Hans König, entitled  ‘Glanz der Himmelssöhne: Klassische chinesische Teppiche aus Palästen und Herrenhäusern’ (Splendour of the Sons of Heaven; Classical Chinese carpets from palaces and mansions).

The event is one of a continuing quarterly series organised by the Völkerkunde Museum, in co-operation with the Gesellschaft der Freunde Islamische Kunst und Kultur and local carpet collectors Michael Buddeberg and Johannes Wolff-Diepenbrock. Over the past year or so presentations have included Völkerkunde Islamic art curator Jürgen Wasim Frembergen on Afghan War rugs, Deniz Erduman Çalis on the Topkapı sultans’ kaftans, Karl Schlamminger on Persian Pictorial Rugs, Max Klimburg on Central Asian ikat weaving, and Hans Ritter on Baluch rugs. These events have each attracted an audience of around a hundred.

Among numerous examples of classical Chinese carpets that will be shown in Mr König’s lecture will be a number of previously unpublished pieces from his own collection, illustrated here.

Carpet Diem

Qi dragons on a Ming period imperial palace carpet


Imperial palace carpet fragment with a generous floral lattice design


Ningxia carpet with a peony and lotus pattern on a blue ground


Small kang rug with vertical swastika-meander pattern

Carpet Diem

Chinese carp[et with a rare medallion composed of four foliate dragons with further dragons in the corners


Square carpet with tile pattern

Carpet Diem

Carpet with a feng huang (phoenix) as central medallion and four more feng huangs in the four quarters


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