News: Asia

  1. Karun Thakar Scholarships awarded

    Presented by Karun Thakar in collaboration with the V&A and following a challenging review process, the Karun Thakar Scholarships selection committee is awarding funds to three outstanding candidates working on Asian or African textiles and dress.

  2. The ubiquitous ikat

    We are excited to announce a new feature in the front section of HALI Magazine. ‘The Common Thread’ focuses on different textile types from around the world with a shared theme, either decorative or technical. In our latest issue, HALI 200, we look at ikat weavings.

  3. Threads of Devotion at Nara National Museum

    A special exhibition commemorating the completion of conservation work ‘Threads of Devotion, National Treasure: The Taima Mandala Tapestry and Embroidered Buddhist Imagery’ opened at the Nara National Museum on 14 July and will be on show until 26 August 2018.

  4. Asian Art in Brussels 2015

    Asian Art in Brussels (AAB) will take place 10-14 June 2015 in the Belgian capital in conjunction with Brussels Ancient Art Fair (BAAF) and Brussels non-European Art Fair (BRUNEAF).

  5. Afghan War Rugs Come to Berlin

    From 26 February to 20 March 2015, Wild Teppich- und Textilkunst in Berlin-Mitte will show selected Afghan war rugs, woven in the period between the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan in the 1980s through to almost the present day. These rugs shock through juxtaposing the beauty of traditional crafts and war-related imagery.

  6. ARTIC Unveils New Islamic Galleries

    The Art Institute of Chicago has unveiled its new galleries for Islamic art, meaning that the museum’s permanent collection is back on show for the first time since 2012.

  7. Dance Costume from Tibet

    ‘Sacred Traditions of the Himalayas’

    A new exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, ‘Sacred Traditions of the Himalayas’, engages with devotional practices across a region encompassing modern Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and Mongolia.

  8. Woven Connections by Samyama

    ‘Woven Connections’, a selling exhibition by Samyama, will take place at Woo Gallery in Chiangmai on 18 to 22 January 2015. Here we select some of the highlights.

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