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Italian Velvets on Show in Switzerland

One of the world’s foremost collections of textiles, the Abegg-Stiftung in Riggisberg, Switzerland, places Italian silk-weaving under its forensic gaze in its seasonal special exhibition ‘Triumph of Ornament’, open until 8 November.

In particular, it looks at the high point of this art, the fifteenth century, when cities like Lucca, Venice and Florence were the heart of luxury textile production and trade. Their velvets were the envy of the world and furnished the homes, and dressed the bodies, of the European elite. Although in direct competition with the silk-weaving centres of the Near East, Persia and China, whose technical achievements they soon surpassed, they added an artistic style and virtuosity that has not been seen since. 

Click here to download HALI 184 for free to read more about the exhibition.

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