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Parcours des Mondes, Paris, 2016


Donald Ellis Gallery, model tipi, Cheyenne Central Plains, North America, 1860, buffalo skin and pigments, 144 x 80 cm, photo John Bigelow Taylor

From 6-11 September, Saint-Germain-des-Prés in Paris becomes an extended gallery ‘where the paths of the world cross’ for the 15th edition of Parcours des Mondes. Last year the premier tribal art fair broadened its scope to include Asian works alongside the Oceanic, African and Native American art on offer, and that formula is repeated this year.


Painting, India, Kangra, 1800, Pigments and gold on paper, 14 x 19.2 cm, © Alexis Renard, photo Mercier

An exotic atmosphere is created by the coming together of eighty-four specialist international galleries, with twenty-seven thematic exhibitions including ‘Hair’ at Yann Ferradin devoted to coiffeures and hair ornaments produced by tribal societies, ‘Miniature Treasures’ by Thomas Murray, and a show focussed on shamanic masks and sculptures from Alaska and Siberia at Galeri Flak. Other exhibitors include Entwistle, Didier Claes, Lucas Ratton, Dandrieu-Giovagnoni, Donald Ellis Gallery, Finch & Co, Kapil Jariwala Gallery, Alexis Renard, Serge Schoffel Art Premier, Galerie Frank Van Craen and Jonathan Hope.

Tribal Art Magazine is arranging a retrospective exhibition of the fair itself at Espace Tribal, tracing its evolution and highlights since its inception in 2001.


Jonathan Hope, Batik loincloth, Java, Indonesia, circa 1900, Natural dyes on the European cotton, 106 X 261 cm, © Jonathan Hope, photo PJ Gates

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