News: Asia

  1. HALI to exhibit at Asia Week New York 2014

    With only a few more days till the opening of Asia Week New York, we would like to announce that HALI will be participating in the event at the Bohemian National Hall.

  2. Buddhist Traditions and Transformations at The Met, NY

    ‘Devotional Buddhist Art of North India and Tibet’, a selection of extraordinary Himalayan paintings, sculpture and illuminated manuscripts, ancient and modern, is on show until June 8, 2014 in the South Asian Art Gallery at The Met.

  3. Rug & Textile Gifts to the Corfu Museum of Asian Art

    Formed by Yiannis Sarzetakis and Ruth Deighton during their wanderings in Asia from 1969 onwards, the collection was given to the Museum in 2011 along with almost all issues of HALI, in memory of their son Jason Deighton-Sarzetaki.

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