News: Iran

  1. From HALI 196: Dynamics of a Dynasty

    A fresh approach turned a recent French exhibition on Qajar culture into something more than just an art show. Venetia Porter was at the Louvre-Lens to experience the transformation. Hadi Maktabi comments on the carpets.

  2. Anatomy of an Object: A Baharlu/Ainalu Carpet

    Although unsigned, this grand Khamseh Confederacy carpet, of unusually large size and great artistic merit, was likely made for a tribal khan by a weaver of the Baharlu or Ainalu tribes.

  3. Ottoman Art Exhibition Video

    Watch the video HALI produced for ‘Arte Ottomana 1450-1600. Natura e Astrazione: uno sguardo sulla Sublime Porta’

  4. Rug Restoration at the Volkmanntreffen

    Ever wondered what the toxins you use to kill the moths might do to you? Ever used Eulan on a rug? Struggled to find the right solution to restore or mount a textile? The participants at this year’s Volkmanntreffen certainly had some good questions

  5. From Isfahan to Delft in Amsterdam

    Amsterdam’s foremost rug rug dealer Ali Foumani ( Foumani Persian Gallery) has joined forces with Robert Aronson of Aronson Antiquairs, a leading specialist in 17th and 18th century Dutch Delftware, to present a meeting of cultures in ‘From Isfahan to Delft, at Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 39, Amsterdam, until 13 October 2013.

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