News: Turkey

  1. HALI Review: Zeki Muren at David Sorgato

    Milan-based antique carpet dealer David Sorgato curated the exhibition ‘Zeki Müren’s Inspiration’ at the Sartirana Textile Show, 13-16 September 2018, followed by a selling exhibition at his gallery that closed in January 2019. HALI Assistant Editor Rachel Meek reviews David Sorgato’s Milan exhibition in HALI 198.   

  2. Sartirana Textile Show

    A selection of antique rug and textile galleries exhibited at Sartirana Textile Show, La Pila, Lomellina, 13-16 September 2018.

  3. In Memoriam: David M. Reuben, 1941-2014

    London-based oriental carpet collector/dealer David Reuben, especially well known among the Turkmen rug collecting community, died on 25 April 2014 after a battle with pancreatic cancer. David was born in Basra in 1941, leaving Iraq in 1958 to study chemistry at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Then, after three years in the US Army,… Read more »

  4. Missing Rugs Alert

    At some unspecified time or times during the past year, three readily identifiable antique oriental carpets have disappeared from a private collection in Europe. An appropriate reward is offered for information leading to their successful recovery. In the hope that the rugs can be recovered without unnecessarily involving the authorities, HALI has been asked to… Read more »

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